short term alternatives for you NYC


Stay at Bed and Breakfasts in New York City & Support Small Businesses

Short Term Alternatives for You NYC (StayNYC) is a non-profit trade association of bed & breakfast (B&B) owners in New York City. Many of our members are women and minority owned small businesses that pay hotel tax, occupancy tax, City and State sales tax.  We provide short- term stay alternatives for travelers to New York.

Our members, who are NYC registered small facility operators, are advocating for an exemption to Ch. 225 of 2010 for a specific class of small facilities operators in New York City.  This law was meant to protect tenants and tourists from illegal hotels. As unintended targets of this law, StayNYC is fighting to protect the B&B; culture in the City, and remain a valuable asset to our visitors.

No units in the members' buildings are rent regulated; therefore they are not termed affordable housing.

As small businesses, B&Bs make up a vital percentage of the hospitality industry.

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