short term alternatives for you NYC


As StayNYC members, we are advocating an exemption to Ch. 225 of 2010 for a specific class of small facilities operators in New York City to remain accepted, legal, tax-paying small businesses, serving the hospitality industry and providing the professional short-term alternative to hotels New York City has come to know and expect.

Through educating New York State legislators about the B&B sector, we want to differentiate ourselves from the buildings that are the targets of Ch. 225 of 2010 - Class A buildings that have been termed "illegal hotels" largely because they house many guests per night and permanent residents don't feel safe.  Our members have no more than 15 guests at any one time and their buildings are exclusively used as bed and breakfasts.  StayNYC intends to secure recognition as an asset to NYC tourism and a boon to local businesses.

We are confident that by working with our officials we can attain this goal and remain viable, legal, and successful.

We depend on your continued support to make this happen.  Please sign our petition and donate. paii better way to stay BnB Finder bed and breakfast dot com